L’Alliance Marocaine pour le Climat et le Développement Durable

The Third National Congress of the AMCDD The Moroccan Alliance for Climate and and the sustainable development 'Towards Greater Influence'

The Moroccan Alliance for Climate and Sustainable Development held its third congress on December 16 and 17 in Tangier, following the regularity of every three years after its 2nd national congress, which took place on Monday, October 11, 2020. The third national congress saw the participation of more than 160 delegates and an even larger number of remote participants, representing over 600 associations active in the field of the environment from all twelve regions of the Kingdom.


The congress was inaugurated by a speech from Mrs. Leila Benali, Minister of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development. In her speech, she emphasized the pioneering role of the AMCDD at various stages, serving as a collective environmental network capable of bringing together the national environmental collective and proposing initiatives that work alongside the ministry and all stakeholders. This is particularly in the fields of climate, sustainable development, and all environmental issues in general.

The Minister’s speech was followed by the President of the Tanger-Tétouan-Al Hoceima region, who expressed appreciation for the skills and quality contributions of the AMCDD leaders, executives, and experts. These contributions were notable in most projects organized in collaboration with the region and the local environmental civil society. The President also highlighted the promising prospects for strengthening cooperation and partnership between the AMCDD and local authorities.


Subsequently, several partners took turns speaking to applaud the progress of the alliance’s programs and underscore its distinguished position in the national, African, and international civil society. The congress concluded with a closing speech by Mr. Abderrahim KSIRI, the national coordinator of the AMCDD, who expressed gratitude to all partners and members from the twelve regions.


Mr. Ksiri recalled the vision of the AMCDD and some aspects of its strategy, emphasizing its diligence in adhering to and applying the principles of good governance, transparency, innovation, and adaptability to transformations since its inception. These qualities have enabled the AMCDD to fully exercise its constitutional functions, and the achievements will be strengthened through organizational and functional developments presented for discussion and approval by the delegates.


Subsequently, the delegates presented and discussed the moral report followed by the financial report, which were unanimously debated and approved by all speakers.


The first working day concluded with workshops to discuss the logic and details of the thematic areas on which the alliance works and seeks to develop for greater efficiency in strengthening interventions,

programs, and projects related to its field of interest at the local and regional levels. The aim is to further mobilize the member associations of the alliance for active and engaged participation.

On the second day, delegates resumed the examination of the reports and results of the workshops on thematic areas, which were unanimously approved. The congress then discussed the fundamental status of the alliance, with some of its provisions updated to adapt to the innovations of the next term. The organization was strengthened by creating new areas tailored to the challenges of the current phase, such as developing new mechanisms to enhance the capacities of member organizations and coordinate their activities, communication capabilities, and programs at the regional, national, and international levels. There is also a focus on improving mechanisms to enhance the participation of youth and women with the ambition of achieving parity. Additionally, a special body of distinguished experts in the fields of climate, the environment, and sustainable development was created to support the areas and commissions.

The proceedings of the second day, as well as those of the congress, concluded with the renewal of the alliance’s structures at the national level, by electing a new National Council and a new executive board that will lead the next phase, planned for three years.

All delegates expressed sincere thanks to the National Coordinator, the members of the board, the National Council, and the regional coordination. These entities have enabled the alliance, during the last period, to elevate it to the forefront as a professional reference network representing national associative dynamics in the field of climate, the environment, and sustainable development in Morocco. The alliance has become a network of networks and environmental organizations that serve as an example in terms of governance, allowing it to improve the relevance and representativeness of its dynamics within various national bodies (OGP, National Climate and Biodiversity Commission, etc.). It has also developed partnerships and agreements contributing to the emergence of a serious collective action worthy of its reputation, nationally, Africanly, and internationally. The AMCDD has thus secured its place and position among the world’s leading networks.

The conference proceedings were characterized by in-depth discussions in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust among the delegates in a positive and constructive atmosphere. The renewal of the alliance’s structures through the election of a new National Council and a new national office was the outcome.

La liste des membres du Bureau national de l’alliance marocaine pour le climat et le développement durable, ainsi que les

coordinateurs régionaux

liste des membres du Bureau national de l’alliance marocaine pour le climat et le développement durable

M. Abdel Aziz Al-Janati

M. Abderrahim Ksiri 

M. Mustapha Bourzik

M. Mohamed Benyakhlef

M. Abdelhadi Bennis

 M. Mohamed Mouatik

M. Rabie Khamlichi

M. Said Chakri

Mme. Fadael Bouassal

M. Omar Widadi

M. Abdelaziz Farras

M. Mohamed Fatouhi

M. Mohamed Ahmamed

Mme Asma Arbaoui

M. Boujmaa Belhand

M. Mohamed Beleid

Mme. Assia Bouzekri

M. Hamza Ouadghiri

Mme Zahra Habbach

M. Mehdi Jamaa

M. Abdalllah Ahjjam

M. Mohamed Al-Dich

M. Mohamed Bouleman

Liste des coordinateurs régionaux

M. Hassan Talbi

M. Mohammed Yaddas

M. Azzedine etikka

M. Ibrahim Haddane

M. Mustapha Mahni

M. Salek Aouiss

Mme. Halima Jounaid

M. Miloud Azerhoun

M. Mouhamed Harouch

conseil National de l’AMCDD

Approbation du rapport moral

Approbation du rapport financier